Micro Birthing, are we setting our future children up for dis-ease....

Whilst at the Saturday Mangawhai Market selling my NUTRITION BY NATURE KOMBUCHA I met a lovely young lady who was pregnant she introduced me to the concept of Micro Birthing.

Scientist are now realising that meddling with natures most nature process of birthing is having a severe effect on our children's immune system from birth.  Add into the fact of formula feeding instead of breast feeding being not unusual in today's society from early on in a child's life.

The documentary Micro Birth was the winner of the Life Science Film Festival in Prague 2014 looks into this very issue, are we are heading for the biggest human disaster on record. 

A discussion with Hannah Dahlen, Professor of Midwifery at the University of Western Sydney looks at Natural Birth vs Cesarean Birth.

As a mother myself I know that Natural Birth is called 'Labour' for a reason and that it is hard work to deliver a baby (check out the clip below to get create techniques of an easy birth) and I also know that Cesarean Birth is essential in some cases when mother and child are in danger of dying.

When I was pregnant with my little girl I was asked if I was scared of giving birth and that if I wished I could opt for Cesarean.  If I had said yes would have they told me all the risks and factors that would be detrimental to my child's well-being?  Is this question placing fear into a new mothers mind?

Lucky for me I was told by my mother that our family 'pop them out like peas' and it was just in my head that I would do the same.  Did this then help me in birth to be more relaxed? and have a very easy and quick birth.

At the time the talk about town in 2010 was that North Shore Hospital in Auckland promoted Cesarean because the doctors get $3000 a baby where as Waitakarer Hospital promotes natural birth. At Waitakere the doctors where not payed per baby they where payed if there was no C-section or 3 C-section on their shift.

If this is true is the C-Section money driven? is this seen in other areas of New Zealand and the world?

Hannah Dahlen, Professor of Midwifery at the University of Western Sydney states that Iceland is the safest place to have a baby in the world and it has half the C-section rate of the western world this being 16% of births are C-Section.  It would be interesting to analyse if the Icelandic people dis-ease statistics is lower?

She goes on to say that the mother is more likely to die in a C-Section birth than a natural birth.

So why has C-Sections increased

  • Money - it is a lucrative business
  • The Modern Medical profession can intervene
  • C-Section is given more freely as an option even if mother and child is not in danger.
  • The risk of C-Section are not discussed and fully understood by families
  • Fear of giving birth especially with the increase in media like You Tube, TV etc

So if a C-Section is essential what can be done to give our future the best start in life.

The young lady at my stall in the weekend said now they are starting to give C-Section new borns bacteria and microbes from the mothers birthing canal and Virgina region and placing if into the new borns mouth as this is what would happen in natural child birth as it enters through this region.  This giving the baby a massive advantage to their immune system.

 Ina May Gaskin, MA, CPM, PhD (Hon) explains in this You Tube Clip techniques to increase oxytocin levels that relaxes the mother so allows for easier birth.  She looks at traditional techniques for child birth.  I still do not understand why why why!!! western world insists on lying on a bed to give birth this is the worst position

A.  The baby has to get over a mountain which is the back bone to get out of the birthing canal. Lying on your back  really seals the baby into the uterus and make for a painful birth.
B. Gravity does not go side ways it goes down, so why are we not on our feet stooping or on our knees and allowing gravity to do the work with our back bone out the way not curved.

This form of childbirth is barbaric and woman need to stand up and demand change.

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