I am back...what a journey it has been!

What a journey I have had since 2014 when I last posted on this blog.  After starting my kombucha brewery in early 2014 it has been a whirlwind of hard work, massive amounts of learning and meeting an amazing amount of beautiful people.

In this time I have studied and completed a Certificate in Natural Therapies which included herbal studies and aromatherapy, a Certificate in Relaxation Massage, Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology and finished my Diploma in Nutrition Science.  Wow, crazy times!

So hence not much time to blog.  But now excitingly I am now a Qualified Clinical Nutrition as well as a Qualified Chef (which I studied for between the ages of 17 and 21 at Waikato Polytechnic in New Zealand).  So this is super exciting because I have so much more knowledge to bring to the table.

So join me on a journey of discovery of natural health, well-being and abundance.

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See you soon x

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