Chia Breakfast Delight, an Omega 3 Fiber Hit.......enjoy:)

The Chai plant 'Salvia Hispanica' from which Chai Seeds derive is the member of the mint family and native to Southern Mexico and Guatemala.  This super yummy healthy breakfast/dessert is very high in omega 3 as well as essential fibre.  This wee little seed contains the minerals calcium, phosphorus and manganese along with with 20% of the seed being protein.

  This Chia Seed Breakfast Delight takes 30 seconds to create.  I topped it with Organic Clearwater's Yoghurt and fresh berries.  Another bonus is that Chia Seeds are gluten-free :) and if you use a plant-based milk it is dairy-free too.

Chia Breakfast Delight

1/4 cup of Chia Seeds

1 cup of either rice milk, coconut milk, or raw cows milk
(I personally do half coconut water and half of plant milk)

Place into a clean 500ml jar the above ingredients, stir well and place jar lid on.
Leave overnight in the fridge 

Top with the desired topping, I love to mix in frozen raspberries but any fruit is delicious from stewed apples to fresh strawberries or peaches from the garden.

Chia pudding is perfect for breakfast, in lunch boxes (place in small jar top and top with a topping) or as a dessert.

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