Time flies so fast in December and it is already Happy Holidays for us at Nutrition by Nature Kombucha as our last day was today :).  After a crazy busy time of brewing a massive about of kombucha for all the shops and building stocks for the holiday Mangawhai Village Market each Saturday 9 - 1pm and for the big Mangawhai Gala Day on January 2nd 2016 I really need a break. 

Holidays always bring a time of reflection and grounding to what are the important things in life.  This reflection is individual to every one and there is nor right nor wrong and you are the story teller of your particular story of life. 

Enjoy your time over the next month, eat healthy whole foods, take up a new activity and don't be shy about doing so (I started surfing in my 30's and now in my 40's still learning but enjoy just being in the water). Start something new maybe eating at the table each night, turning off the cell phone at 7 pm, smiling at people as you walk past, start a journal, get back to nature with a bush walk or walk in the park but most important breath life into your life with something new.

Wishing You a Very
 Merry Christmas Overflowing with
 Love & Laughter



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